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Oil & Gas / Specialized Training for Rig Crews

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WRI’s most popular training engagements are specialized courses for drilling crews. A session typically includes one whole rig crew: rig managers, drillers, floormen, derrickmen, roustabouts, and related representatives of the contracting company. Our trainers work with your personnel development team, developing programs that fit in your training structure. We offer training at client sites and in the field.

WRI experts train more than a 1000 rig workers every year, ranging from new personnel to rig managers with years of experience. The courses have the following objectives:

•To make every person on the rig competent on all aspects of drilling   lines, including theory on how rope functions, critical areas of wear and   failure, and how to inspect and maintain the rope

•Understand process of measuring work done by a rope (ton-mile or mega-joule program) and how to manage rope usage   safely and effectively.

•How to maximize Total Drilling Time (TDT) through proper management of ton-mile program and visual inspections

•How to evaluate preventative maintenance on the equipment that drill line is working on

Seminars for Rig Managers

Wire Rope Industries also offers specialized courses for rig managers of varying degree of experience. Our trainers have extensive experience in the industry and runs two class levels

1) Introductory course (3hr) for inexperienced rig managers, including full in-depth training on wire rope properties, using     ton-mile programs and maximizing total drilling time.

2) Advanced 1.5hr session for experienced professionals including techniques for improving rig efficiency through selection     and management of drill lines, and resulting decrease in downtime.

Please enquire about our services and how we can help you improve your TDT and increase profitability.

Consulting & Custom Design

Our experts have decades of experience in Oil & Gas industry. We can analyze your rig operation and recommend actions to help you maximize performance through lower downtime and more effective uptime. With more than 125 years of engineering experience behind us, we can craft a unique product for your application using hybrid designs and high end materials.