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Anti-corrosion solutions

Aside from offering a full range of A-C class galvanized products, WRI recommends additional solutions for corrosive environments where maximum protection is required. Ropes and strands carrying Bezinal coatings have been installed and tested in a wide range of extremely corrosive environments including some of the harshest underground mines in the world.


The next generation of Zinc-Aluminum coating for high-carbon wires is
available for all of PS 1000 series products.


•Superior corrosion resistance for longer lifetime
•Exposure up to 350°C leaves the coating intact
•Cathodic protection
•Active protection of cut ends
•Sustained corrosion protection at welded points
•Good formability
•Withstands heavy deformations

Bezinal® outperforms galvanized products by a least 3 to 1 (for the same coating weight) in many applications.


A revolutionary protective blocking compound, custom formulated for extending the anti-corrosion life of wire rope and strand and is available on request on any of our structural products. Strandcote is available for factory or field application and can be overcoated with pigmented top coats for color coordination.